Feb 8, 2011

"The Final Solution" of the Palestinian Question

"The Final Solution" of the Palestinian Question
Israeli Rabbis' Genocide Approach
Journalist — Occupied Palestine 

One Israeli Rabbi, Yitzhak Shapiro, wrote that "non-Jews may be killed even if they do not pose a potential threat to Israel."(Reuters Photo)
Until a few years ago, very few Rabbis would openly advocate "genocide" or "physical extermination" of Palestinians as "the ultimate solution for ending the Palestinian question." Such Rabbis were dismissed by the mainstream rabbinical authorities as being "eccentric, anomalous, and lunatic".
However, in recent years the concept of applying "the biblical solution", such as genocidal ethnic cleansing, to Palestinians gained weight, especially among the religious Zionist sector in Israel.

Today, many supposedly respectable Rabbis, also called Talmudic sages, nearly routinely issue religious edicts openly calling for the annihilation of Palestinians, including civilians.
Interestingly, such explicitly nefarious edicts raise very few eyebrows in Israel, neither among the political class nor, indeed, among the Rabbinical circles.

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