Feb 8, 2011

Christians Join Muslims

Cairo - Tanks Move In 


..Tear Gas.

Egyptian military tanks surrounded Cairo's Tahrir Square, where hundreds of protesters had gathered on Saturday.
Demonstrators chanted "Down with Mubarak" and "We are all Egyptians."



Christians Join Muslims 

CAIRO — A "group of groups" - Including Christians and Muslims came together to support each other - all demanding only one thing - Hosni Mubarak Must Go NOW!
After it was discovered from Wikie Leaks, the attacks against Christian Churches in Egypt were actually instigated by outside forces and not from resident Egyptian Muslims, the Church leaders are calling for total reconcilliation between the two religions in their country. Muslim clerics are also calling for unity and solidarity for the common good of both faiths.
The coalition of groups called for ONE MILLION Egyptians to come out in full force in Cairo's streets - tomorrow (Tuesday).

Some news agencies have coined the phrase — "Opposition Groups" in an attempt to make it seem as though there is a political force behind all of this.


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