Aug 1, 2012

Wife Beating in Quran?

Wife Beating in Quran?
Islam Forbids it Haram!
Question: Does the Quran say, "And beat your wives?" (refer to ayah #34 in Surah An-Nisa)
It is a clear fact, Islam forbids any kind of oppression or violence against women (or men for that matter).
Yet, it cannot be denied that there are some Muslims who do not really follow Islam - and what is worse, there are those who try to justify their violent behavior toward women (and others) by giving incorrect interpretations to Islam's teachings.
It is necessary, therefore, for us to explore what Islam really does say about these matters and then provide proofs for the believers to bring about correct understanding and better living for all of us.
Please Read This Special Update (and share it with others right away): Islam Forbids All Forms of Oppression The Quran orders men to "Protect and Defend - ALL WOMEN"
"..And dharabah them"
Bringing light to the Treatment of Women in Islam
-- by yusuf estes

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