Apr 22, 2011

'Modern' ISLAM? What Do You Say?


Recent Events Intensify the Debate of Islam's Role in Modern World Some Muslims argue, Islam must embrace modernity.. 

 with its emphasis on reason, acquired knowledge, human rights and representative politics, would be to reclaim an Islamic heritage that has enriched humanity and contributed to its progress.

There are others, however, who view modernity with suspicion, seeing it not only as a Western concept which threatens Muslim values, but also as a sinister attempt by Western powers to dilute and weaken Islam.
What do you think? Are Islamic concepts incompatible with modern aspirations? Why is there a perceived lack of democracy in a number of Muslim states? How can the heritage of Islam in science and the arts be made meaningful in a modern world?
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Read what they say . . .
  - "Most of us in the west are not really familiar with the plight of people living in Muslim countries. They really do not have true "Islamic State" conditions due to the way British and other countries occupied their lands and then left "agents" in charge to be sure the true Islamic state could never come back as it once was.
I know many of us think we know everything about the east and middle-east, but most of what we have comes from a steady diet of provacative issues twisted by our media to present a picture suitable for western minds to justify our continued onslought of "exporting democracy", which by the way looks a lot more like "demon-occupancy" to those on the other end.
It is a shame that none of us in the west or the Muslims in the east for that matter, can really have a picture of the true Islamic society. I believe as did many well known historians, "If the true picture of Islam were revealed in today's world - you could find real peace and true modernity."
Josson, Texas, US

There is no single religion that advocates violence and Islam is no different but lot of things are taken out of context, both by non-Muslims and Muslims themselves and that brings Islam its present bad image. I believe that as a religion Islam is very modern in terms of rights, ways of living and in the field of science. Of course, not if you think that being modern is the way you dress and not a state of mind. I choose my moral lifestyle over that one. Islam makes you a very peaceful person with a clear conscience if you understand it very well.
Ziana, Wales, UK

Of course Islam is compatible with modernity. In fact, we in the west have much to thank Islam for- We adopted Arabic characters and text from the last golden age of Islamic scholarship which helped us to emerge from our dark age. The only thing Moslems and other religious groups such as Christians have to fear is the 'rabble-rousing' for political gain by opportunist politicians on either side of the debate.
Anthony Duggan, London, UK

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