Jan 26, 2011

Listening is an Art

Listen if i could tell you, o please.

With care listen, it's no job of ease.

Always prepare yourself to acquire and receive.

The words that a person imparts or speaks.

Someday from someone you may get something right.

That you would to cherish all your life.

Or at least you may find more ease in life.

That can make you more blissful and bright

Always pay attention to person's word.

For your attitude is going to decide your attitude in this world.

For people among crowds who stands apart.

Listening is nothing less than an ART.

by- Kamranullah Khan
(The Companion,English )

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ali.ashraf said...

Let's Read

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Author : Maulana Maududi

The notions of fine arts,etiquettes,and life styles are manifestations of civilisation; they derive their inspiration from the civilisation's principles namely purpose and objective of life, thought and beliefs, morals structure and laws of public life.
The book by Maulana Maududi deals with empirical relationship between principals mentioned above and their impact on life's superstructure. The emphasis is upon the 'principles' and not the peripheries . He has cogently argued the case of cultural diversity with ideological unity that is the characteristics of the Muslims Ummah. Rituals or customs of a particular area if fulfills the Islamic Criteria can well become the part of Muslims culture and Civilisation. The small book is prescribed in many universities as it explains dexterously the foundational and distinguishing principles that make a civilisation Islamic.

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