Jan 29, 2011

Face of islam vs Secularism

*Face of secularism :

In Secular countries everyone is free, engineers not an exception. They can freely construct buildings, hospitals, hotels, motels, clubs, discos and churches of their favorite design. But as two-facedness is an inherent feature of every Jahilliya (ill-literate) and so here too the heated campaign against minarets of mosques in Europe and the fuss made over the construction of mosque at the ground zero in New York are incidents that are still green in popular minds.

*Face of islam

Amr bin Aas - Commander of islamic army that conquered Egypt - had conquered a new city. As per to the islamic injunctions he granted peace, safety and freedom to all the natives and imposed the minimal protective tax JIZYA.

One day the patriarch of the city came to him and thundered in fury,"the nose of the grand statue of Jesus- the son of god- has been broken, no christian can do this, it is definitely the felony of Muslims, and we want justice".
Amr investigated the matter to the best of his capability but the crime was committee in the darkness of night- no evidence and no witness.

Finally with a regiment Amr the Commander in chief visited the spot where the patriarch with thousands of fellow Christians was mourning.
Justice had to be delivered. Amr bin Aas stepped forward, accepted the moral responsibility for the misdeed, took out his dagger and gave to to the patriarch and presented himself that his nose could be but in retribution.
Meanwhile seeing this strange development the culprit Muslim soldier came running from his row and confessed of his crime. Very sight of the commander in chief of the victorious army ready to have his nose cut by the conquered people for the sake of justice was enough to melt the heart of the patriarch who threw the dragger away-- the divine justice was delivered --- thousands of the christians embraced islam that day.

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