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You should be aware of the origins of the evil word of democracy, and you should know that it is not Arabic, but Greek in origin. It is a mixture and abbreviation of two words: Demos meaning people, and Cracy meaning judgement, authority, or legislation. That means that the literal translation of this word democracy is the people's judgement, or the people's authority or the people's legislation.
This is the greatest asset of the democracy, according to its people, and because of this, they praise it and they give it a high status in societies intellect. At the same time, it is one of the most important characters of the unbelief, the polytheism, and the falsehood which contradicts Islam. Because you know the principal reasons for which the creatures were created, and for which the Books were revealed, and for which the Prophets were sent, you should also know that it is your obligation to declare God to be One, and to make acts of worship for Him alone, and to avoid worshipping anyone except Him.
Obedience in legislation is just one of the acts of worship that must be only for Allah, otherwise, the human will be a polytheist and will become one of the losers. 
This is the truth about democracy, that it's judgement was for the people or for the majority of people (which is the greatest wish of the democrats). But nowadays, the judgement is in the hands of the judges, or their families, or the big traders, or the rich people, who have the capital and the mass media that enable them to reach to the parliaments (the palaces of democracy), and with their god (the king or the prince of a land) who has the authority to dissolve the parliament whenever and however he wants.
So, the democracy is on one side a polytheism and on the other side a disbelief in Allah that contradicts with monotheism, the religion of the Messengers, and Prophets, for many reasons. We shall mention some of these in brief:- 
Firstly: It is the people’s legislation or the deity’s judgement, but it is not Allah’s judgement. Allah Ordered His Prophet (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) to judge by what Allah revealed unto him, and asked him not to be swayed by people’s desires, and not to be lured into leaving what Allah revealed to him. Allah said: "judge between them in the light of what has been revealed by Allah, and don’t follow their whims, and beware of them lest they lead you away from the guidance sent down to you by Allah." 26
This is in the monotheistic religion of Islam.
But in democracy, the polytheistic religion, it's slaves say: "Judge between them in the light of what has been accepted by people and follow their whims, desires and beware of them lest they lead you away from what they want and legislate". They utter this statement, and democracy utters the same statement, and they decide amongst themselves. This is a clear disbelief, an obvious polytheism, if they apply it.
Even though they produce all their eloquent rhetoric, their deeds are worse. If some one talks about or disagrees with their principles they will say: "judge between them by what the deity and his special people want, and no legislation and no law, can be used to decide the outcome, except that which has been agreed upon between the people".
Secondly: It is the judgement of the masses or the deity, according to the constitution but not according to Allah’s decree. This is included in their constitutional books27, which they sanctify more than the Quran. They prefer the judgement of these constitutions to that in the Quran. Therefore, the legislation and judgement of the people in a democracy will not be accepted unless it is included in their constitution, because the constitution is the origin of their laws. There is no consideration in a democracy to the verses of the Quran, or the traditions, or sayings of the Prophet (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam). It is not possible for them to legislate any law according to the verse of the Quran and the tradition of the Prophet (saw) unless it agrees with their holy book (the constitution). And you can ask their jurists, if you do not believe that.
Allah said: "…And if you are at variance over something, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. This is good for you and the best of settlements." 28. But in democracy it states: "If you are at variance over something, refer it to the people and their council, and to their king, according to the positive law and constitution".
Allah said: "Curse on you and those you worship besides Allah! Will not you then understand?"29 If the masses wanted to apply God’s decree, through a democracy, and through its legislative polytheistic councils they would not be able to do it, unless the deity
(i.e. the Kings or the princes) permitted it -unless it was in their constitution, because that is the holy book of democracy. Or shall I say that is democracies Torah, or Bible, which has been corrupted according to their own evil desires and whims.
Thirdly: The democracy is the evil result of secularism and its illegitimate daughter, because secularism is a fake doctrine that aims at separating the religion from the government. The democracy is the judgement of the masses, or deities but it is not the judgement of Allah at all, since it does not take into consideration Allah’s decree, unless it agrees with their constitutional texts. Then what agrees with the desires of the masses, but more importantly the desires of the false deity, will become a part of the constitution. So, if the people as a whole said to the deity and to the democracy’s gods: "We want to apply Allah’s decree. We want to prevent any of the people, the parliament members, and the rulers from being legislators. We want to apply Allah’s decree to the apostate, the adulterer, the thief, the drunkard. We want to force women to wear the veil. We want to force men and women to have chastity. We want to prevent the immoral display, the nakedness, the wickedness, the adultery, the sodomy and other such categories of sin."
Their deities would respond immediately with: "This is contradictory to the religion of democracy and its principles of freedom!"
So this is the freedom of democracy: to be free from Allah’s religion and His legislation and the exceeding of His limits. But the legislation of the positive law, will be preserved in their misguided democracy and everyone who doesn’t agree or doesn’t accept these limits, then upon him will be a punishment.
Therefore, democracy is a religion that is different from Allah’s religion. It is the judgement of the deity, but not of Allah. It is a law of different, separate gods, but not the law of Allah, the One, the Subduer. Everyone who accepts democracy, means that he accepts to be ruled by legislation that is written according to the constitution, and accepts that legislation to be preferred to the legislation of Allah, the One.
Even if someone legislated or not, won the polytheistic elections or not, his agreement with the polytheists about the principles of democracy, and his agreement to make the legislation, and the judgment to be theirs, and to make their authority more important than Allah’s authority, and His Book, and His legislation, will then be a disbeliever himself. Therefore, this is an obvious, clear error; it is polytheism itself.
The people in a democracy select representatives and each group or tribe will select a god of these disparate gods, to legislate according to their desires and whims, but according to the constitution’s texts. Some of them select their god (their legislator), according to their ideology, or way of thinking, so there will be a god for this party and another one for that. Some of them select him according to the tribe, so there will be a god for this tribe and another for that tribe. And some select a religious god, as they claim, or a bearded god 30, or an unbearded one, and so on. Allah said: "Have they other associates who have prescribed another law for them which has not been dispensed by Allah? But for the decisive word (of Allah), a sentence would have been passed amongst them. Surely there is a grievous punishment for the oppressors." 31
These representatives, in fact, are erected, engraved images and worshipped idols, and claimed gods that are set up and fixed in their temples, at their heathen sanctuaries (the parliaments). These representatives and their followers take the democracy and the constitutional legislation as a religion. According to its texts, they legislate and produce laws, and before that they are ruled by their god and idol, the big pagan, who decides on their legislation or rejects it. And pagan is the prince or the king or the president.
These are the facts of democracy and its religion. The religion of the deity, not the religion of Allah. The religion of the polytheist people, not of the Prophets. And the legislation of disparate gods, not of Allah, the One.
Allah said: "....are a number of gods better, or One God? What you worship besides Him are nothing but names that you and your fathers have assigned, for which no sanction has been sent down by Allah" 32. And He also said: "…. Is there any other god along with Allah? He is far too exalted for what they associate with Him".33
So, you must choose the religion of Allah and His pure legislation, His brilliant light, His straight road. Or the religion of democracy, and its polytheism, disbelief, and it's closed, misguided path. You must choose the judgement of Allah, the One, or the judgement of the man made deity.
Allah said: "… Distinct is the way of guidance now from error . He who turns away from the forces of evil and believes in Allah, will surely hold fast to a handhold that will not break .." 34. And said: "Say: “The truth is from your Lord: so believe if you will, or don’t believe if you will”, We have prepared for the sinners a blazing fire…". 35
Allah said: "Do they seek a way other than Allah's? But whosoever is in the heavens and the earth is submissive to Allah and obedient (to Him), by choice or constraint, and will be returned to Him. Say: “We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us, and in what had been sent down to Ibrahim and Ismael and Ishaac and Yaqub and their offspring, and what had been revealed to Musa and to Isa and to all other Prophets by their Lord. We make no distinction between them, and we submit to Him and obey". And whosoever seeks a way other than submission to Allah, it will not be accepted of him, and he will be a loser in the hereafter". 36

Foot Notes
26 -Surat al-Maa'idah , ayah 49 (5:49).
27 -In the Kuwaiti constitution, article (6) it states (the people are the source of all the authorities), article
(51) states (the legislative authority is entrusted by the prince and the parliament council according to the constitution). In the Jordanian constitution article (24) states (the people are the source of the authority) and (people practice any authority, as is shown in the constitution).            
28 -Surat an-Nisa, ayah 59 (4:49).   
29 -Allah told us in the Quran, that Ibrahim said that to his people after he had shown them the insolence of their worshiped idols.
30 -Unfortunately , this issue exists in Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan Egypt… and many other countries.
31 -Surah ash-Shura, ayah 21 (42:21).
32 -Surah Yusuf,  ayahs 39-40 (12:39-40).
33 -Surah an-Naml, ayah 63 (27:63).
34 -Surat al-Baqarah, ayah 256 (2:256) 35 -Surat al Kahf, ayah 29 (18:29). 36 -Surat aal'-Imran, ayah 83-85 (3:83-85). 

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