Jul 7, 2010

My first blogspot

Assalamualiekum brothers and sisters . I created my first blogspot on August 2009, and its address was hijack-islam.blogspot.com. Many of my friends whethere muslim or christian asked me the reason of keeping such address. Then i changed it to when-ur-returning.blogspot.com in october 09 or december, since then its there. ---Then my next one is Quran-Bible.Blogspot.com which is still unworked , because my study of islam-and-christianity is under progress. Sincerely i do not want to hurt any non-muslim by Mocking on His Religion or belief or His book but its my and every Believers duty to Reach the True Message of Almighty Allah to all the Peoples.
---- Reason to create this websites index !!---In very first i thought to make such an adjustment where i can put all my knowledge which i gained from Fair Corners. But due to my Other work i could not approach to limit which needs/Requires.

I also watched that, in Websites the ratio of anti-muslim is more than other sites;but matter does not end here, there are thousands of fake-islamic websites which giving wrong concepts-wrong belief-playing with Holy verses of Quran, and as such i thought to filter the websites and Gather it here. ---My Request--- Please mail me (md.ashraf2007@gmail.com) the websites which is islamic but fake,islamic, non-islamic,also other useful links. Assalamualiekum

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